Today, I am declaring my intention to live. I'm tired of my jello-y existence. I am going to love freely. Lavish compliments. Help everyone.

I will shine these words on my mind forcing negativity and criticism to crumble at conception. Let the waves of cynicism surrounding me go no further; sink them, squish them, and combust them into midnight bike rides, shouts of exuberance, impassioned fucking, and tottering piles of chopped vegetables!

When I find my resolve threatened I will turn to my own ingenuity and rummage through the junk drawer of my existence determined to find the improvised implements necessary to carry out these words.

I am strong; but I will need your help.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Immigration Raids at Dufferin Mall

Dear Sir,

Today I received an email from the community group No One is Illegal. They've asserted that last week Immigration Officers visited Dufferin Grove Mall and stopped people while shopping and in their workplaces demanding that they produce documentation regarding their status in Canada based solely on their skin colour, accent and other racial profiling characteristics. Additionally, those that were that unable to produce documentation were arrested and are being detained without access to legal support.

This is quite outrageous to me that my neighbours and fellow citizens
are being harassed by agents of the federal government based on their appearance and culture. Since I can find nothing on the matter in the media- I'd like to ask if you could provide any information to me about any random checks being done by immigration officials in this riding. And if such raids are occurring what you shall be doing to prevent further race-based harassment of your constituents.


Gilleen said...

Good letter!

just a girl said...

miss you. and i don't think that's just a consequence of drunkeness.