Today, I am declaring my intention to live. I'm tired of my jello-y existence. I am going to love freely. Lavish compliments. Help everyone.

I will shine these words on my mind forcing negativity and criticism to crumble at conception. Let the waves of cynicism surrounding me go no further; sink them, squish them, and combust them into midnight bike rides, shouts of exuberance, impassioned fucking, and tottering piles of chopped vegetables!

When I find my resolve threatened I will turn to my own ingenuity and rummage through the junk drawer of my existence determined to find the improvised implements necessary to carry out these words.

I am strong; but I will need your help.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fwd: Fort York Cycle Bridge

From: Councillor Mammoliti <>
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: Fort York Cycle Bridge
To: Chad M <>

Thank you for your email.
Please note that I am currently experiencing a higher than normal
incoming email volume and am unable to receive your message at this
time. Kindly redirect your email to my staff and it will brought to my
Melissa Palladino, Executive Assistant:
Tamara Macgregor, Executive Assistant:
Lucy Arnone, Constituent Assistant:

Kind Regards,
Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti
York West, Ward 7

We Love Power and Hate Authority.

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