And/Oh welcome to this world, have as much fun as you would like while helping others have as much fun as you are having. Be kind to those you love, and be kind to those you don't. But for Gods sake you gotta be kind, and respectful because we're all one soul. Be the best fucking human you could be!
Today, I the author am declaring my intention to live. I'm tired of my jello-y existence. I am going to love freely. Lavish compliments. Help everyone.

I will shine these words on my mind forcing negativity and criticism to crumble at conception. Let the waves of cynicism surrounding me go no further; sink them, squish them, and combust them into midnight bike rides, shouts of exuberance, impassioned fucking, and tottering piles of chopped vegetables!

When I find my resolve threatened I will turn to my own ingenuity and rummage through the junk drawer of my existence determined to find the improvised implements necessary to carry out these words.

I am strong; but I will need your help.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh Hi

Obviously I'm giving this blog another go. I went and got myself lost in the woods for another year approximately. Without sadly ever getting to the woods short of the Hart House farm (this is not going to be the 'what I did on my summer vacation' post, which would be pretty hefty). It certainly been a travelling year, spent time in a dozen states or so. Moved into a new house too one neighbourhood over. I'm also enrolled part time at York in Computer Science (doesn't seem likely that's the program I'll stick too). I'm constantly reading these days, but realizing how little sticks if you don't reflect on it- so partially that's what I'm trying to do here. I'd also like to try to work my through all the backed up anecdotes I have in my head from my most recent trip to New York, New Orleans and the length of the Mississippi river (heck I can even spell it now). We're vaguely considering publishing a zine for the house but it will require I strap myself down and do some real writing. On the plus side this new interface for blogger is quite pleasing and swift. That will hopefully vaguely stimulate some activity. I'm struggling for reflections from today but I did have a couple ideas. I'm still unhappy with the wiki solution I strapped together last year- although it was educational .. its really sloooow to use. I'd likely need to start paying more than I am to host my own server or will have to invest more time in tweaking. It seems unreasonably sluggish (perhaps Apache is configured improperly for how many virtual hosts are enabled). What I noted that does not exist as far as I can tell shallow-ly is a website that'll stick a NDP or mustache or FREEBYRON, etc. on your twitter icon. So I could make that. I'd also like to make a Grease Monkey plugin that'll scrobble my CBC Radio 3 tunes to I'd also like to make something similar that would let me tweet and scrobble from the CBC Radio 2 playlists page. Because of how the HTML is structured its certainly possible. I'm going to go to sleep now so that I feel good about being at work tomorrow. Rather than having another Brandy Fizz which is pretty rocking drinky-drink.

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littlebitesbigwood said...

Yay writing!
Hack away. I'd be interested in your Radio 2/3 exporting adventures.

But brandy fizz? Reminds me of highschool :)